Fenceline Not Working

The fenceline has not been sending data to the website for about 30 hours (correction: 5 days).  Odors have been invading Crockett all weekend.
Please advise.


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North UV appears non-operational

No normally detectable levels of known gasses have been seen for over 24 hours on the North UV detector.  Please advise.


Fenceline Down

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to let you know that ATT has identified some problems with
the Internet line and are scheduling someone to come out work on it.
I’ll let you know as soon as we get some more information on the exact
date of the service visit.

take care,


Donald S. Gamiles, PhD
Argos Scientific, Inc.
Phone 404 403-4709
Fax  815 572-0443

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Fenceline Update

I’ve edited the data reporting website with the following changes:

  • Added Methane,  Mercaptan, and MTBE to FTIR listings.
  • Changed the FTIR readout to PPB to be consistent with the UV instrument.
  • Made the FTIR data fields turn green on non-zero reading (as the manufacturer claims that a non-zero is a detect).
  • Changed the FTIR signal strength and MET Temperature data fields to “NA” until they are available.

See the changes at http://fenceline.net/fence.php and let me and Don G. know if the numbers make sense to you. The charting doesn’t seem to work yet on the FTIRs.  We might need more time for more data….




Fenceline Status and update

Hi all,

As discussed at the 7/10/08 fenceline meeting at the refinery, the following items are to performed by Don G’s company ASAP:

  1. Get methane and mercaptin back on the FTIRs.
  2. Change the reported levels to PPB on the FTIRs.
  3. Provide thresholds for detection for FTIR Chems for modification (green boxes enabled) to the website.
  4. Send signal strength data to website from FTIRs. (old item)
  5. Get temperature data back to the website. Met tower to be erected.

Also, apparently the North FTIR has been NON-FUNCTIONAL for the past four days.  Please advise.

Please make additions and corrections to the comments.




7/6/08 release

Sunday night there was a one hour upset of a CP sulfur unit. Odor
very strong around Vista del Rio, but only light fleeting in Tormey.
Air Qual. responded to call on a Sun. night. Did anyone else smell
anything between 8 and 10?
I felt it was a mixture of SO2 and H2S. Here’s a time line:
North fence line picked up a sharp doublet for SO2 lasting between 8
and 9 PM. Maximum of 325 ppb.
Confirmed by BAAQMD SO2 monitor in Crockett with 196 ppb avg. for 9
PM and 78 ppb for 10 PM reading.
We got strong odor at 8:30 on Kendall.
CP called in Level 1 warning at about 8:45. But chose not to activate
sensitive receptor list.

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Community Working Group – April 08 Meeting Minutes

The minutes of our last meeting (April ’08) are posted.  Our meeting in May will be late in the month.  Please look for an annoucement soon.

…Don DuRivage


Community Working Group Meeting Announcement

I’ve confirmed our next meeting for April 14, 2008 @ 2:00 p.m. in the Administration Bldg. Room 101.  We will be doing training on the “Hound”, signing the use/maint. agreement, and discussing any other open business (i.e. Wood Burning Fireplace replacement, etc.).

If you are interested in being an ‘authorized user’ of the Portable Odor Monitor (a.k.a. “Hound”), please plan to attend.

Please RSVP via e-mail to Don DuRivage by Thursday 4/10/08.  (Note: Individual e-mail invites will also go out.)

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3/25/08 Fenceline meeting Minutes

Community Working Group

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 25-Mar-08

Location: ConocoPhillips Oleum Room

During an informal greeting process, an attendance sheet was circulated for all attendees to complete. In addition, an agenda (attached) was distributed along with additional documents (Portable Odor Monitoring – Use & Maint. Agreement; Table of Working Group Agreement Items) that help with this meeting’s discussion.

Portable Odor Monitor (Hound)

The initial discussion focused on the Portable Odor Monitor (a.k.a. “Hound”) and its use. The Hound was delivered earlier in the day and was brought out for the group to see.

Mr. Don Gamiles (Argos Scientific) was present to discuss generalities and some specifics of use and Don DuRivage (ConocoPhillips) introduced the group to an accompanying document that requires ‘group’ approval – the Hound Use & Maintenance Agreement. It was resolved that the ‘group’ would review this agreement and reconvene on 14-Apr-08 to sign the agreement and take delivery of the “Hound”.

It was also discussed what physical attributes are needed for protecting and ensuring good data gathering using the Hound. Those attributes are: 1) access to 110V power – this power is for the laptop computer (a component of the Hound) for its power and that of the Hound (via USB connection); 2) protection from the elements – the laptop computer needs to be functioning during sampling so it can’t be exposed to rain or extreme cold or heat, but the sampling/detection side of the Hound can exist in tolerable weather (covered area, etc.).

This led to further discussion and decision for initial approved locations for the Hound in the community. It was decided to site the equipment at 3 approved locations, 1)Ed Tannenbaum’s residence (Crockett), 2) Dick Zampa’s residence (Tormey), and 3) to be determined in Rodeo (Janet Callaghan to help find locale). It was also communicated that this information be shared with members not in attendance via e-mail (DD to handle).

The Hound discussions ended with confirming that training on use of the Hound along with training on ‘odors’ are part of the Land Use Agreement and will occur at dates to be agreed upon. The group agreed to hold training on use of the Hound on 14-Apr-08 @ 2:00 p.m. with Don Gamiles.

Land Use Permit Items

Jay Gunkelman asked about the fireplace replacements and how best to approach this. The group decided to draw from BAAQMDs attempt on this same issue for guidelines and criteria. Don DuRivage advised the group that Truckee, CA had the only recognized program, but that it focused on Wood Burning Stove replacements…these have the potential be very costly and wouldn’t necessarily apply.

Janet Callaghan advised the group that she had seen an insert/replacement/stove that ran on electric, but looked like the freestanding wood-stove. The entire group was asked to keep their eyes open on circulars and other publications for costs of Natural Gas insert/replacement devices to begin to assess this issue. Don DuRivage will contact BAAQMD to get their criteria and advise the group later.

Fence Line Monitor Upgrades

Don Gamiles gave the group an update on the progress toward replacing the FTIRs for the Fence Line Monitors. They are fabricated and can begin installation…along with the reflection devices…in the next 2-4 weeks. The biggest hurdle is installation of the reflectors, as it will require a crane to move the current set-up. (FYI – The detection limits will not change if we use the current system.)

Several members noted that it would be advantageous to have the Fence Line data get updated every 1 minute. Currently it is every 5 minutes. Don Gamiles answered that he can get this done.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be April 14, 2008 @ 2:00 p.m. in a room at ConocoPhillips. Don DuRivage will alert the group via e-mail.


UV and Met Data??


We continue to get no valid real-time data from either UV instruments.  There seems to be plenty of signal, but no numbers (at least ozone should be green).

We are still getting no temperature data.  This was supposed to be fixed long ago.




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