About SEA

The Shoreline Environmental Alliance is a small grass-roots organization based in the towns of Crockett and Rodeo, California. Our work involving the fenceline monitoring data from the Tosco SFAR refinery is only one of several important environmental projects SEA is involved with in West Contra Costa County. Much of our work continues to revolve around oversight of the implementation of various provisions of the Good Neighbor Agreement.

Currently, our staff of volunteers is involved in an attempt to secure the ongoing medical treatment which is promised to the victims of the 1994 "Catacarb" disaster. Many of the victims, including some of those who were most seriously injured, continue to have an extremely difficult time getting appropriate medical treatment, or any treatment at all.

Other important projects include an ongoing effort to hasten the move of Hillcrest Elementary School from its present location on the refinery's border in Rodeo, and an exciting new partnership with the County Health Department in developing a citizen-based toxics monitoring program.

This new project, dubbed "the bucket brigade", involves citizens taking air samples for themselves with relatively low-tech "bucket" or "bag" samplers. Like much of what SEA is doing, this citizen-based toxics monitoring program is completely without precedent in the United States.

Of course, like any environmental non-profit group, we need to raise funds to be able to continue our work. For us at SEA, it has been nearly four years since the chemical disaster that brought us all together. In that time, while our workload hasn't diminished, it has become increasingly difficult to find volunteers willing to do this seemingly endless work.

Any financial contribution you can make to SEA will be greatly appreciated. Our non-profit status is still pending with the federal government, however, you can make a tax-deductible contribution to SEA through one of our fiscal sponsors The Crockett Community Foundation in Crockett. For details on how to do this, send us some e-mail and we will respond very quickly.

You can be certain that any financial contribution you make to SEA will go directly to work. To work fighting for better information on toxic releases. To work fighting for better health care for those people injured in the Catacarb release. To work fighting to move those kids at Hillcrest school away from the refinery, and more.

You can be certain that your contribution won't be going to pay for a lot of overhead. It won't be going toward rent for office space, receptionists, legal staff, public relations campaigns, health plans, or fancy retreats. We don't have any of that stuff, and won't any time soon.

We could really use your help.