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In July of 1997, The Tosco Oil refinery in Rodeo, CA, USA completed the installation of its new "fenceline monitoring system". This new monitoring network, which incorporates ten optical remote sensing devices, is designed to detect and track concentrations of a wide range of hazardous gases, and to provide early warning to the surrounding communities in the event of a chemical emergency.

This system is clearly the most advanced and comprehensive emissions monitoring network in place at an industrial facility in the world today. Installation of the new monitors came about as part of an agreement reached between the refinery and local community groups in the aftermath of a disastrous chemical release which occured in 1994. (It was a UNOCAL facility at the time.)

You will find in this website a complete description of, and detailed emissions data from, the new fenceline monitoring network. We have also included the complete text of our historic "Good Neighbor Agreement", a brief history of how it came into existence, and much much more.

Unfortunately for our community, we got the new monitors only after hundreds of people suffered injuries from a chemical release which was allowed to continue unabated for 16 days. We don't think it should have to be that way.


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