Montlhy Reports From Tosco

Below you will find links to the full monlthy reports which we have been recieving from Tosco's contractor for the fenceline system, Terra Air Services of Houston. We believe that these reports represent the most detailed accounting of chemical emissions ever made public by an industrial facility in the United States.

We are making these reports available simply because we can. The reports come to us at SEA, (and the other signatories to the Good Neighbor Agreement) but are not currentlly being made available to the public at large. After everything we've been through, we did not want to be the group responsible for witholding emissions data from the public.

These reports make for some pretty dry reading. With a few possible exceptions, these reports, and the emissions summary tables included within them, do not seem to indicate any major emissions problems from the Tosco facility (to date). We hope that the information in these reports will be useful to those of you who are interested in finding out as much as you can about recent advances in air monitoring technology.

In the nearly two years that we spent researching the possiblities for this fenceline monitoring system, we discovered that hard information of the type presented below was extremeley difficult to come by.



It is possible that there are factual errors contained in these reports. By clicking on the links below, and accessing any of the reports written by Terra Air Services, the reader tacitly agrees not to hold SEA resposnsible for any inaccuracies which may exist in the Terra reports; or for any other liability exposure to these reports may incurr. Furthermore, if your'e looking to sue us over something, why don't you send us some e-mail first, and let's talk about your problem.



August '97 report

September '97 report

October '97 report

November '97 report