SEA's Reports and Data Summaries


Below you will find links to SEA's data summaries and monthly reports on the status of the fenceline monitoring system at the Tosco SFAR refinery. These reports are based both on a review of the raw emissions data provided to us on disk, and on the monthly reports provided by the refinery's contractor for this project, Terra Air Services. Our reports are intended to be read as supplements to, not replacements for, Terra's reports.



Please, before you access any of these reports, read and understand the terms of our disclaimer.





SEA does not have a toxicologist on staff. Except in the event where a detected emission represents a clear violation of an established regulatory standard, WE WILL NOT BE COMMENTING ON THE RELATIVE HEALTH RISK OF ANY REPORTED CHEMICAL EMISSION. Furthermore, by reporting on chemical emissions at the fenceline of the Tosco SFAR refinery, we do not wish to imply that ANY of these emissions represent ANY HEALTH THREAT WHATSOEVER to the people in the surounding communitites. Also, it is important to note that the Tosco SFAR refinery may not be the source of all chemical emissions detected on its borders.

None of our reports or data summaries is meant to supercede the reports from the refinery. Our reports are intended as supplements. The analytical work performed on the FTIR spectral data which SEA recieves from Terra Air Services is performed by Andy Mechling, an SEA member. Mr. Mechling has successfully completed a training course taught by the manufacturers of the FTIR equipment, and now has more than two years of experience in generating and analyzing this type of spectral data. SEA has full confidence in his work. Still, it is important to recognize that Mr. Mechling holds NO FORMAL SCIENTIFIC CREDENTIAL. In light of this, any reported emissions or chemical concentration figures should be regarded as SEA's BEST ATTEMPT to arrive at the truth, rather than the absolute truth, regarding air quality at the fenceline at Tosco SFAR.

THERE MAY BE MISTAKES IN OUR REPORTS. There may be analytical mistakes, there may be typographic errors. We will not be held reponsible for liabilities resulting from any unintentional errors of this type. If you think you have found a mistake in one of our reports, or anywhere on this website, please contact us and bring it to our attention.

If, on any occasion, our analytical results appear to be in conflict with those published by Terra Air Services, SEA will make every attempt to contact Terra, for the purpose of resolving the conflict, BEFORE we make any results public.

Because of the nature of FTIR spectroscopy, where raw spectral data is stored electronically, all reported detections or measurements of chemical concentrations are ultimately verifiable. SEA will make the raw data which forms the basis for our reports available to any party who wishes to check the accuracy of our reporting.

SEA is undertaking the task of analyzing this emissions data, checking the reports, and reporting on concentrations of chemicals which are not being reported on by the refinery, because we believe that the citizens in the communities surrounding the refinery have a fundamental right to know as much as they possibly can about the air they are breathing. SEA would prefer it if the local regulatory agencies would do this work instead. These agencies are far better staffed and have infinetly better resources than our very small organization. Unfortunately, the local agencies have shown no interest in doing this work, and the job is left for us to do.

Simply put, we are making this data public in this fashion because we are presently the ONLY AVAILABLE SOURCE for this type of chemical emissions data.


SEA's Fenceline report for Februaruy'98 (includes links to data summaries)


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SEA's Fenceline report for August '97

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